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GSO Spotlight: Will Weaver

Will Weaver has had a remarkable six-year journey in the Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestras (GYSO),  marked by growth, camaraderie, and musical excellence. His experience in GYSO has not only broadened his musical horizons but also facilitated valuable friendships with like-minded peers.

A  proficient viola player in GYSO and a violinist in his school orchestra, Will discovered his passion for orchestral music at a young age. “I started to really get into playing violin at school and wanted to expand to additional orchestral opportunities.” Beyond honing his musical skills, Will  emphasized the significant impact GYSO has had on his life. 

“One thing I’ve really enjoyed is how many different ensembles there are…
opportunities to be focused on things that might not be offered in school music programs, like chamber music.” 

One of Will’s most memorable experiences in GYSO was the premiere of his original composition, Orchestral Suite in B Minor, Opus Two, Fire, in fall of 2021. The opportunity to work closely with the Philharmonic conductor to edit the work to fit the orchestra’s specific needs saw him develop as a composer and was an inspiration to the other students. 

Looking ahead, Weaver plans to pursue a college education as a music major, although he remains undecided between performance and education tracks. He has already received scholarship offers from multiple institutions, crediting his GYSO experience as instrumental in securing these opportunities.

Rebecca Weaver, Will’s mother, expressed her appreciation for the GYSO program. Among the program’s many benefits, Rebecca says that GYSO has provided “more challenges for him musically; being around more kids who share a love of music; building a network of friends.” She notes that the program has had a positive influence in building Will’s self-confidence and musicianship, particularly his involvement in smaller ensembles like the Honors String Quartet and String Symposium.

Both Will and his mother wholeheartedly recommend GYSO to other music families. With its emphasis on excellence, growth, and a supportive community, GYSO continues to nurture young musicians like Will, shaping their futures in music and beyond.

Auditions for GYSO’s next season open today and close May 30, 2024. If you know of a young musician like Will who would benefit from the GYSO experience, find more information at

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