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Encompassing a wide range of vocal versatility, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Chorus performs choral/orchestral works, pops, and produces independent choral concerts. Highlights from recent seasons include choral masterworks with the Georgia Symphony, being featured on a GSO Jazz! performance at the Strand Theatre, singing in a sold-out concert of music from the video game “Zelda,” and presenting a historic regional premiere of American music.

Comprised of accomplished vocalists from the greater metropolitan area, performances have included Mahler’s Second Symphony, Vaughan Williams’ Sea Symphony, Orff’s Carmina Burana, Haydn’s Creation, and Verdi’s Te Deum. The ensemble has also presented state, regional, and world premieres.

Founded in 2007, and directed by Bryan Black, the chorus recently performed with the Morehouse College Glee Club, the Spelman College Glee Club, the Uzee Brown Society of Choraliers, and the Georgia Spiritual Ensemble.

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“My youngest asked me one day why I sing with the GSO chorus. I told him it’s because it challenges me. Music challenges my brain to decode and interpret thousands of dots and squiggles and directions. Music challenges my body to stand straighter, breathe deeper and articulate clearer.

Music challenges my world view when I sing in another language or songs from another culture or even another time. Most importantly, music challenges my spirit. It challenges my soul to hope and dream that in spite of the crummy day I might have had or the hate some people spew or the storms that level whole cities, the human spirit is powerful. 

Music expresses that powerful spirit in a way words alone cannot. I’m grateful for the GSO chorus. I hope we will always “sing and never tire!” and “may our singing be music for others.

And may it keep others aloft.”
Heather Blalock Heather Blalock
Soprano, GSOC
Bryan Black Bryan Black
JG Morgan GSO Chorus Director

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