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GSO Spotlight: John Morgan

On January 30, the GSO Chorus will have the distinct honor of hosting a virtual choral workshop with composer (and choral rockstar!) Eric Whitacre.  Read on to learn why GSOC member John Morgan is excited to be a part of bringing this event to life.

“I first encountered Eric Whitacre while attending the ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) National Convention. I beheld this long line, across the lobby, out the door and into another building…all lined up to get an autograph from this long-haired rockstar…a new-on-the-scene choral star, Eric Whitacre. He’s known worldwide and in many ways was so ahead of his time. Ten years or more ago, he developed the concept of the virtual choir, with auditions and recordings on-line, all conducted by him with thousands of individual recordings synchronized together into amazing productions. At the time, I think everyone thought it was just a novelty. Then COVID hit, and virtual choirs were the only way to make music together. 

COVID is actually how this opportunity came about. When the pandemic hit, ACDA, like all arts organizations, had to pivot to find ways to raise money to survive. They sent a message to their members that everyone who donated would be entered in a contest to win a private phone call with Eric Whitacre. I donated and lo and behold I won! 

I immediately thought of inviting Bryan and the GSO chorus to share this opportunity in the form of a choral workshop. I knew that sharing it with a group that means so much to me was really the only way I could truly enjoy it. 

It’s been a long time coming to get this together. We had a date over a year ago and then COVID surged again and we had to cancel. So after almost 4 years, we’re finally making it happen. 

I’ve been with the Georgia Symphony Chorus for 15 years. I spent my entire career teaching choral music in high schools and universities. That sound…voices coming together in chorus…is miraculous.

I wish everyone knew how magnificent it is to have a social, friendly, fun group that loves to laugh, get together and sing some of the finest works of music, led by one of the finest conductors…Bryan is just a magician.


Our rehearsals are so entertaining! And that we get to sing this beautiful music along with the orchestra. It’s so fulfilling.” 

The GSOC’s Virtual Choral Workshop with Eric Whitacre will be on Tuesday, January 30 at 7:30pm at the Marietta Performing Arts Center. We’re proud to extend an invitation to local music educators who would like to observe the workshop. Seats are limited. If you’re interested in attending, call the GSO offices to reserve a spot. 770-615-2908

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