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GSO Spotlight: Wendy Lerner

“I’ve served as a volunteer with the Georgia Symphony for the past 10-15 years. I was introduced to the organization by former GSO Executive Director Susan Stensland while taking a course taught by her mother, Barbara Hammond, at Kennesaw State University called  “How to Listen Musically.” 
My family has always been involved in music. In fact, my parents helped establish the orchestra in Meridian, Miss. My father, who didn’t know one instrument from the other, served on the organization’s board of directors, or was its president or business manager, until he died. 

My mother was a music major at Tulane University. She taught piano, and was the paid soloist at our local Presbyterian Church. So, I was always surrounded by music, but unfortunately, I am not very musical myself! 

I know even though I’ll never
be on that stage, I’m still part of the performance

I feel an obligation to give back to my community, and communities need the arts! It makes a difference in people’s lives. We all realized how much we needed it during COVID. When people are looking for community, they look for the arts.

When you volunteer with the GSO, you always feel very appreciated. Even if you don’t have musical skills yourself, there’s always a place for you there. I know even though I’ll never be on that stage, I’m still part of the performance.”


Volunteer Opportunities

The GSO is always looking for volunteers to help make every program a success. From baking cookies to box office to ushering, there’s a place for you to plug in!

Check out upcoming volunteer opportunities HERE

For more information, contact Amy McGaughey.

Why your support matters

For over 72 years, the GSO has been dedicated to serving our community through musical enrichment and education. From scholarships for students in our youth orchestra, to providing sensory friendly concerts and outreach into underrepresented populations, we responsibly steward your donations to have the greatest impact across all of our programs.