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GSO Spotlight: Kim Gresh

“My grandmother, Marnie Gresh, was one of the founding members of the Marietta Music Club. She LOVED music. She played piano constantly, taught piano and was the organist at her church. Did a bit of it rub off on me? Absolutely not! But it was in her bones.

I have this really fond childhood memory of going with my grandmother to a music convention at the Georgian Terrace. I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8. I remember getting to swim in the indoor pool there…all because of the music convention with my grandmother. I thought it was so cool!

I gave my first gift to the GSO as a way to honor my grandmother. I continue to give because I see how the arts impact people’s lives.

I love seeing children blossom when they find that passion within themselves. I’ve watched kids at summer camp…when they started the week they wouldn’t say a word or look you in the eye. Then by the end of camp they’re screaming your name and singing, acting or playing an instrument on stage. I’ve watched the arts change a child’s life and bring them out of their shell. It helps them be more outgoing and confident, and I think that shows through everything they do moving forward. 

I know the impact of the GSO’s educational programs for kids. There are kids who would never have a chance otherwise unless there were people out there giving to the arts and especially to the GSO. 

One of my favorite GSO memories is the Sensory Friendly concert I attended just before COVID shut the world down. I had the pleasure of sitting on the stage and seeing the kids’ reactions from the musician’s perspective. Which is so incredible! Just to see how the kids were enjoying it; nobody was telling them to be quiet or sit down. They were told to just enjoy the music however they wanted to. Just to see the sheer joy on their faces!

Between jazz and classical and all the unique things they are trying to do, the GSO means a lot to this community. It’s one of the only ways those performances are brought to this  audience…it just rounds out the arts in Cobb County. Without philanthropy, volunteers and the support of the general public, there might not be a GSO. So please give!”

Why your support matters

For over 72 years, the GSO has been dedicated to serving our community through musical enrichment and education. From scholarships for students in our youth orchestra, to providing sensory-friendly concerts and outreach into underrepresented populations, we responsibly steward your donations to have the greatest impact across all of our programs.