Founded in 2006, the Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra is the largest youth orchestra program in the southeast, encompassing five orchestras, a jazz ensemble, a percussion ensemble, instrumental chamber ensembles, and a youth chorus. Gifted and talented elementary through high school age musicians from across the state are selected through competitive auditions.

As GYSO members, young men and women enjoy continuing their musical development in a nurturing and supportive environment while being expected to perform at the highest level during a full season of concerts. Each ensemble is led by professionals in their fields who provide a comprehensive music experience for students pursuing excellence on an individual and collective artistic level with a love and appreciation for their art.

The Mission of GYSO is to inspire young people to discover their full potential through creativity and performance, and to build and develop the discipline and spirit to accomplish their musical goals. Further, GYSO endeavors to provide artistic opportunities for all people and to enhance the quality of cultural life in our communities.

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